How we do it:

  • Identify persistent shopper connection points between the online and offline world throughout the purchase journey.
  • Build scalable, efficient and highly operationalized digital marketing products aimed at driving shopper activation, both in-store and offline.
  • Develop processes and collateral to assist with the sale of these solutions across the ASM/IN enterprise.

Media Amplification

Enhances in-store promotions and events by:

  • Delivering digital and mobile engagements that drive shoppers in store.
  • Strengthening the association between suppliers and retailers.
  • Increasing recall and purchase in-store.
  • Producing 138% greater sales lift.

Influencer Amplification

Combines custom content with distribution to maximize the reach and impact of your program. Influencer Amplification promotes:

  • In-store activations.
  • Campaigns.
  • Offers and content across the web and social channels.

Influencer Services

  • Sponsored content—includes sponsored posts, products reviews, live event reporting, recipe development and blogger-hosted promotions.
  • Paid media extensions—ad integration on Influencer properties and surrounding hyper-targeted paid media channels.
  • Social promotion—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Microsite Amplification

Microsite amplification brings in-store promotions and events online by building and hosting microsites. Choose the package that suits your needs and a predefined layout. Then we will deisgn a microsite that aligns with your existing website or promotional materials.

Package options:

  • Informational—Engage your shoppers with a microsite uniquely tailored to provide just the right information to participate in your event or promotion.
  • Lead Driver—Drive action with your shoppers by facilitating participation and awareness of your in-store promotion or event. Microsites seamlessly deliver offer details and coupons, and capture valuable lead information.
  • Custom Content—For promotions or events that require a deeper level of engagement, custom content (i.e. articles, recipes, videos, etc.) can be developed and integrated into a microsite to enhance your shoppers’ experience.